Dental Technology

New Technologies In Dentistry

Sleep Apnea – no more CPAP!

We sat down with Diane Flexsenhar, DDS who practices here at Christopher Cooley, DDS to explain the newest option aside from a CPAP machine. It’s called a mandibular advancement device, and you can read more about it here.

Dental Lasers

We are excited to offer the use of lasers for dental procedures at our office. Our team has had extensive training in the use of our dental laser. This allows us to perform laser techniques including soft tissue recontouring (eliminating/reducing a gummy smile) and Painless Tooth Extractions aided by the laser. Additionally, we can now offer certain types of periodontal (gum) treatments that help reduce gum disease!

Now Available: Prepless Veneers

Durathin prepless veneers! The trend in dentistry today is to conserve as much tooth as possible while creating the most beautiful smile available. Dr. Cooley has received training and certification in a new, advanced technique known as prepless veneers. This technique involves minimal or no tooth reduction yet allows Dr. Cooley to change the shape, size, and color of your existing smile. Dr. Cooley was one of the first dentists in the U.S. to be trained in this procedure! While not all cases will be candidates for prepless veneers, many are. Call our office today for a consultation.

Digital And Panoramic X-Ray Technology

This technology gives Dr. Cooley a comprehensive view of your smile. Using our PlanMeca Promax digital radiography, we are able to create detailed treatment plans according to your unique smile. This amazing technology is also more comfortable for the patient as they are taken outside of the mouth. We usually recommend digital X-rays once or twice a year, with panoramic X-rays every three years or when necessary.

Oral Cancer Screening Tools

When oral cancer is diagnosed early, the survival rate for patients is drastically higher than in patients who discover oral cancer late-term. At least once a year, our highly trained hygienists, Becky and Stephanie, use the OralID oral cancer screening device to identify cancer and pre-cancer cells. By identifying the presence of these tissues early, Dr. Cooley can recommend patients visit specialists and seek immediate treatment. The OralID is an easy, non-invasive test that can be done quickly and comfortably.