Don't worry! The dentures of yesteryear are distant history at Dr. Cooley's Memphis dental practice. We use some of the finest materials and techniques available and can help you create a beautiful, natural-looking and long-lived smile with high-quality dentures.

Denture Options

TRADITIONAL DENTURES | Our traditional dentures are traditional in function, not quality or durability. We utilize quality materials and techniques to give you a smile you can be proud of.

CUSTOM DENTURES | One issue some have with traditional dentures is they can look the same as all the other sets of dentures out there. Custom dentures can provide you with a smile just as unique as you! Dr. Cooley's  artistic touch will create a masterpiece you can share with everyone you meet.

ALL-ON-4 PROCEDURE | The all-on-4 procedure, also called implant supported dentures or just "all on 4", is a technique in which four dental implants are placed in each of your arches (upper and lower) and then beautiful dentures are attached to these implants. This treatment offers several advantages including lack of embarrassing moments (like a denture popping out) as well as greater stability of the denture and even potential jaw bone preservation.

Denture Benefits

  • Durability | Remember the stories of George Washington's individual teeth falling out? Not happening when you work with Dr. Cooley to craft amazingly durable and beautiful new dentures. Particularly implant dentures.
  • Natural-Looking | Dental materials have come SO FAR in recent years. It's getting difficult to tell the difference between a natural tooth and an artificial tooth these days.
  • Confidence | Don't let gaps in your smile or unhealthy teeth slow you down. Beautiful and durable dentures can give you the confidence to enjoy life to its fullest.


We'd love to help you get the most out of your smile by creating top-quality dentures for you.
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