Laser Gum Reshaping


We?re not quite to Star Wars technology yet, but dental lasers are getting us one big step closer.

Dr. Cooley invests in the top technology available which has proven to be safe and effective for patients. Dental lasers are no exception.

What is a Dental Laser?

A dental laser is simply that?a laser intended for dental applications. these lasers are precisely engineered and intended for delicate tissue and tooth work.How is an Dental Laser Used? Many forms of dental lasers are in use today. Some are able to replace dental drills in instances?making a dental treatment that much comfortable for our patients. Some dental lasers are used for soft tissue work. Laser dentistry is fantastic for gum contouring. Think of a ?gummy smile?. Our dental lasers are able to accurately and safely raise the gum level to show more tooth and lessen the ?gumminess? of a smile.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry


Dental lasers can be much more comfortable than traditional tools in some situations.We will always use the right tool for the job and your comfort is our utmost priority.


Because of the intense heat and light emitted by the laser, infections and other issues are often avoided. Clean dental laser work also facilitates faster recovery times.


Laser accuracy is a real thing. Dr. Cooley?s experience and training coupled with top-quality dental lasers allow for great precision in dental treatments which ultimately results in the best possible care for you!

Interested in learning more about our dental lasers and other dental technologies?

View our dental technology page to learn more and get your questions answered. Also, give us a call or just stop by our office to check it out and see for yourself why our patients love us. Talk to you soon!