Dental Veneers Services near Memphis, TN


If you have stains, chips, cracks, or excessive spacing in your teeth, porcelain veneers may be right for you. This single treatment option can address all of these aesthetic issues and more, creating a beautiful smile you can be proud of. Veneers are thin shells that affix to the front of your natural teeth, creating a uniformly straight, white smile.

Dr. Cooley will listen to your aesthetic goals and create custom porcelain veneers for you using the highest-quality materials. To learn more about porcelain veneers, contact our office today.

Creating Your Porcelain Veneers

During your first porcelain veneers visit, we will ask you questions about what you want your smile to look like and help you understand your options. Dr. Cooley will help you select the best color, size, and shape of veneers for your smile.

Once we have established your aesthetic goals with you, Dr. Cooley will prepare your teeth. This process involves the removal of a small amount of enamel from the front of your teeth to make room for your veneers. Next, we will take detailed impressions of your teeth. These impressions, along with photographs and detailed instructions on shading, size, and shape, will be sent to our dental laboratory, where master ceramists will make your veneers. We will provide you with a set of temporary veneers to wear while your permanent ones are created.

Within a few weeks, you will return to our office to have your veneers applied. We will check each veneer against your teeth to ensure they will fit snugly and that they are in line with the aesthetic directions he gave to our laboratory. Next, we will bond your veneers in place and ensure that they do not interfere with your bite. Your veneers are fully functional immediately.

DURAthin Prepless Veneers

In addition to traditional porcelain veneers, we also offers DURAthin prepless veneers. These veneers are much thinner than traditional veneers and are designed for placement upon your teeth without any manipulation to your enamel beforehand.

Prepless veneers give immediate results, straightening the visible portion of your smile with minimal tooth impact. These veneers mimic the natural translucency and shine of teeth, and no one can tell that they aren't your natural teeth.

Prepless veneers are only suitable for some candidates because they can look bulky on too-large teeth. Dr. Cooley can help determine which type of veneer is best for you.

Porcelain Veneers Candidates

Porcelain veneers are a great option for virtually any patient with their remaining natural teeth who want a beautiful, uniform smile. Porcelain veneers are ideal for patients who have any number of the following imperfections:

  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Overly spaced teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Chips or cracks in teeth
  • Too-small teeth
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Asymmetrical teeth

Porcelain Veneers Benefits

Perhaps the most important benefit porcelain veneers provide is improved self confidence.

Other benefits include:

  • Veneers give your smile a totally new, uniformly beautiful look, so you no longer have to worry that others are noticing imperfections in your smile.
  • Because they are made from high-quality porcelain, your veneers have exceptional resistance to breaking, chipping, and staining ? even more so than your natural teeth.
  • Veneers can be designed and applied in as few as two visits.
  • Because they are secured to the front of your natural teeth, your veneers require no special maintenance other than regular oral hygienic care.
  • Your veneers can cover all of your imperfections at once versus having to undergo multiple treatments.

To learn more about porcelain veneers, contact our office today and schedule an appointment.